775-HP Shelby F-150 Super Snake Activity Is Thunder to Ford’s Lightning

You will find an previous trick to telling how significantly away a lightning bolt is. As soon as you see it, you start off counting right until you listen to thunder, and each 5 seconds is intended to equivalent a mile away. The trick’s not of any use, nevertheless, if the thunder comes with no you even viewing any lightning—as it will if you race Ford’s electric F-150 in opposition to the even speedier Shelby F-150 Tremendous Snake Activity.

The one-cab model of the most strong road truck in Shelby’s record, the Super Snake Sport, is based mostly on an optioned-up F-150 XLT with four-wheel travel and the 5.-liter V8. To its upstream aspect, Shelby suits a carbon fiber intake, a new manifold, a heat exchanger, and of course, a significant aged blower. Meanwhile, Borla provides piping downstream. The end result is a max output of 775 horsepower on 93-octane gas, superior for zero-to-60 in 3.45 seconds, or nearly a next faster than the Lightning.

Zero to 100 and again to zero is even extra savage, having just 8.3 seconds. Which is down to 6-piston front calipers that bite down on slotted rotors and “upgraded” rear pads and rotors. They’re the biggest, but far from the only modifications keeping the Tremendous Snake Sport’s general performance manageable, which also include main suspension and aero revisions.

Shelby reduced the Activity on coilovers with adjustable Fox shocks, altered the upper regulate arms, and included a new rear sway bar. Traction bars maintain the rear axle in location, and purposeful aero retains it on the tarmac. A entrance splitter and side skirts reduce airflow under the truck, though a functional ram air hood and Shelby grille protect versus overheating. Together with 22-inch wheels and generous Tremendous Snake striping and badging, they make damn absolutely sure people today know they’re seeking at an reliable Shelby. And if any doubt remained, they’d only have to verify the re-trimmed inside for the 1 characteristic universal to all Shelbys: The serial-numbered plaque.

Shelby will make just 300 of each and every F-150 Tremendous Snake taxi design, of which the single-taxi Activity is the somewhat more cost-effective selection. It’s nonetheless not affordable, even though, starting off at $98,960 for the supercharged design, or $90,790 for just one without the need of the blower (while let’s be genuine: go large or go dwelling). All are included by three-yr, 36,000-mile warranties that cover the powertrain, so sense free to do the chili fanatic in main very pleased and go like hell.

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