An Overview on Portable Diesel Generators

Portable generators come with an inbuilt engine that can be run on different types of fuels. Each type of fuel has its own specifications and features. Portable generators are very common and are widely popular due to a various number of reasons.

The major reason of using a diesel engine is its easy availability and affordability. Diesel generators are equipped to generate more electricity than their natural gas counterparts. It runs much longer than other types of generators, and typically requires less maintenance than other engines of same size. This is the reason that all major companies in the market have a considerable variety at the disposal of the consumers. The reliability is also a great advantage in their favor. A typical diesel generator, with a full tank can run continuously for at least 13 hours before the fuel is completely exhausted. Also, if the generator is stopped in between, the diesel fuel does not easily evaporate away and can be again used later.

Diesel generators are sometimes of the single phase type and sometimes of a three phase type. Most models in the market nowadays are designed with four stroke engines to enable maximum usage of the fuel available. Another great advantage is its relatively less noisy nature. This is because a diesel engine is typically not that big like the other engines and has fewer parts to maintain, thus producing lesser noise. Also, the use of a liquid coolant ensures lesser noise from the generators. Air cooled diesel engines are also available though.

Another great advantage of the diesel engines is their compatibility with other natural fuels like biomass. But, a diesel generator won’t run properly if natural gas is used as a fuel. An estimate showed that the per kilowatts fuel cost is around thirty to forty percent less than the natural gas counterparts. An industrial calculation also showed that a water cooled 1800 rpm diesel generator can run until 12,000 to 30,000 hours before major maintenance or replacement is required.

In many circumstances a portable generator is not just a luxury but a real life saver. In fact, it’s probably one of those items that you don’t really think about and take a bit for granted until you really need it but when you do need it, then you realise how vital it is and from that moment on you will probably take much more care when selecting your next one to buy and pay more attention to it’s maintenance.