OEM motorcycle parts: All the pros and cons you need to know

OEM motorcycle parts: All the pros and cons you need to know

OEM motorcycle parts: All the pros and cons you need to know

Replacing parts on your motorcycle is part and parcel of routine maintenance. However, sometimes it can be a bit complicated deciding which parts to use. There are two main categories when it comes to spares parts. The first category features the oem motorcycle parts and the second one has generic options. A lot of bikers out there prefer original or OEM parts and for good reasons. But as with generic options, OEM parts also have pros and cons that you should know about. This article will break down this below.

Original parts: The advantages

As noted above, oem motorcycle parts have several advantages. First, they are originally manufactured by the maker of the bike. In that case, they do offer better quality and reliability compared to generic parts. Also, OEM parts are specially made for that motorcycle. They do not need to be retrofitted or customised to be useful. This can save you a lot of time and money in maintenance costs. Finally, OEM parts will often help to enhance the resale value of your bike.

The disadvantages of original parts

One of the biggest downsides when it comes to original parts is the cost. They are a bit more expensive compared to generic options albeit they have more value. In addition to this, it is also likely that the original makers of your bike no longer manufacture these parts. This is actually very normal and it can make it harder for you to get the specific spare.

As a result, it will cost you more time and money to do this. Also, sometimes original parts may be outdated and bypassed by newer more advanced technology. In that case, it won’t make any sense to get them at all, especially if there are better more superior generic parts in the market.

How to find quality OEM parts

In case you still want to buy oem motorcycle parts, then there are some simple steps to follow. First, always check with your original bike manufacturer to see if they still make those parts. If they do, then you can make an order directly from the manufacturer’s website.

This may take a bit of time but it’s the only way to guarantee quality. Feel free to also check the oem motorcycle parts in your local motorcycle repair shop. Typically, mechanics may have a few parts or may know someone who does. They can really help you with that.