Plymouth general public protection studies: July 15-21 | Plymouth/Drugs Lake

The Plymouth Fire Office acquired 55 calls for services for July 15-21. The calls involved

The Plymouth Fire Office acquired 55 calls for services for July 15-21. The calls involved two fire, 23 EMS/rescue calls, 3 hazardous-condition phone calls, 6 provider calls, 11 good-intent phone calls and 10 untrue alarm phone calls.

Bundled in the July 15-21 reports were being these incidents:

July 15 – Known suspect compelled his way into victim’s property on the 15600 block of 24th Avenue. The 49-12 months-previous male suspect from Plymouth arrested for theft.

– Catalytic converter stolen from victim’s vehicle parked in street on the 2800 block of Northwest Boulevard.

– Victim’s auto was parked in lot. Unidentified suspect took the catalytic converter from auto on the 2400 block of Annapolis Lane.

-Victim reported equally plates stolen from his auto parked in condominium parking whole lot on the 4500 block of Nathan Lane.

July 16 – Sufferer documented unidentified suspect entered her house and stole cash, credit score cards and gift playing cards from her purse on the 16900 block of 39th Avenue. Decline: $100.

July 17 – No important incidents listed.

July 18 – Unidentified suspect(s) stole victim’s auto that was parked in the parking whole lot on the 5200 block of Annapolis Lane.

July 19 – Victim described unidentified suspect entered his car or truck parked in underground garage on the 13900 block of 53rd Avenue. Nothing lacking.

– Victim documented a bicycle was taken from open up garage on the 4200 block of Evergreen Lane.

July 20 – Reporting party said two of their buses had the catalytic converters stolen even though parked in parking lot on the 5800 block of Cheshire Parkway.

July 21 – Unknown suspect entered motor vehicle that was in an hooked up garage to a household on the 18500 block of 6th Avenue with a reduction of $180 funds and a $50 reward card.

-Victim reported not known suspects tried to achieve entrance into his display porch but ended up unsuccessful on the 2300 block of Quinwood Lane. No Reduction.

– Report of unknown suspects who entered, home took motor vehicle keys and stole 3 of victim’s vehicles on the 12400 block of 25th Avenue.

– Victim noted automobile stolen from driveway on the 900 block of Brockton Lane.

– Target claimed that the catalytic converter was stolen off his automobile on the 200 block of Magnolia Lane.

– Sufferer noted her laptop was taken from her car or truck parked in the driveway on the 1100 block of Vagabond Lane North.

– Target noted unknown suspect entered his unlocked car or truck in driveway and stole income and a debit card on the 18900 block of 7th Avenue. Reduction: $100.

– Victim documented two laptops, an iPad and miscellaneous objects ended up stolen from motor vehicle parked in driveway on the1200 block of Urbandale Lane.

– Sufferer mentioned mysterious suspect rummaged as a result of her motor vehicle parked in driveway and her garage doorway opener taken on the 12500 block of 25th Avenue.

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